All in A Day’s Work: The End.

Caregiver’s Log, Day 985

7:30 pm        Pretend to watch football game with husband on new, yet-unchewed sectional you bought last week because you both know he’s pretty much housebound for at least another month, maybe two, thinking: Football season? When did that happen?

8:00 pm       Take dogs for evening walk. As you walk past neighbor’s house, suddenly realize you haven’t fed Greta. Worry you’re a bad petsitter. Shove dogs in neighbor’s backyard while you make Greta’s supper. Extricate your 70-pound Lab from being stuck in Chihuahua-sized dog door and your Shepherd from neighbor’s pool.

9:00 pm       Prepare and administer Round Three of infusions. Help husband into bed, grateful he feels good enough to sleep in bed instead of the recliner. Ask the Universe to help you make it through another day.

9:30 pm       Blow off shower. Send four laughing-crying emojis to friend who texted you six hours ago: “Aren’t you glad you don’t have to work anymore???” thinking: It’s a different kind of work.

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