All in A Day’s Work, Part 6

Caregiver’s Log, Day 985

4:00 pm       Answer phone call from caretaker of your mother’s house, which is supposed to be your New England summer getaway when you aren’t needed by a father who’s fallen down the steepest front steps this side of Mount Everest or a husband who finally pushes his degenerative, bone-on-bone hip to a level catastrophic enough to cause a septic infection. Agree with caretaker that he might as well close the house for winter.

4:30 pm       Notice the protein shake you made for breakfast is still sitting in blender eight hours later. Dump congealed mass of bananas, peanut butter and protein powder down the sink.

Discover that dog kibble bin is completely empty. Psych yourself up for rush hour trek to Costco and the impatient ramming of shopping carts up your ass. Realize that scraping sound is your brakes as you almost run a red light. Pass the Playa Club where you used to drink. Look the other way.

6:30 pm       Return with roast chicken large enough to feed the block, but no shower gel. Make dinner for husband and feed animals. Fill empty water bowls after husband reminds you. Worry you’re a bad pet parent. Google: “metal to metal brakes.” Promise yourself tomorrow you’ll find time to get to a meeting.

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