Monday Morning Quarterbacks

Our paid caregiver, Amanda, calls with an update every Monday morning when I’m on a monthly respite from caring for my mom.

I dreaded the calls at first. Never had the ring of the cellphone had such power to instill fear and worry. But, like the many facets of Alzheimer’s, these updates have become a learning opportunity. Amanda shares the good and bad moments of mom’s past week. Through teamwork, we meet the challenges together.

We’re Monday morning quarterbacks. And mom’s progress (“she made toast this morning!”) and setbacks (“let’s try Velcro sneakers!”) are coachable moments.

Sometimes, we quarterbacks get sacked. Mom’s phone has been out for a week. The propane tank ran dry. Her sundowning increased.

When Alzheimer’s tackles us, we move the goalpost closer. The end zone is always in sight, but we’ll make the touchdowns together.

What you can do:

· Schedule respite care to give yourself a break

· Share challenges and solutions with other caregivers

· Learn tips to cope with sundowning