Life, Repurposed

Is my passion caregiving? Is my life purpose caregiving?

If you’d asked me a year ago, my answer would be a resounding, capital-letters-spell-it-out “N-O!”

I’ve spent my retirement immersed in the world of Alzheimer’s caregiving, a labyrinth in which all roads seemed to lead to frustration, anger and impatience. But gradually, it’s become more of a road trip, with an unexpected side effect: purpose.

My life journey has gone off-road.

Caring for my mother for the past three years, actually living with her for the first time since my reckless departure at age thirteen teaches me compassion. For my mother, for others, for myself.

I express compassion through writing and volunteering. Taking care of shelter animals. Helping hikers navigate local trails. Blogging about dementia caregiving.

My passions are transformed into purpose through compassion. And my answer is now “yes.”